23 - 28 JUL 2023



Collegium Vocale Gent supports an enthusiastic, but above all safe, restart of its activities and does everything in its power to receive its audience and employ its collaborators in the safest conditions.
That is why general and specific prevention measures have been described within the framework of our activities. These rules have been drawn up in accordance with the obligations of the cultural sector guide and other local legal provisions.
If the instructions and official measures change during production, we will keep you informed.
Regardless of the instructions below, we hope that everyone uses their common sense, taking into account each other’s well-being.

In case of questions, the following contact persons can be contacted:

Sophie Cocquyt, festival director                            +32 477 449 990
Katleen Uvin, business coordinator                       +32 473 918 609

Separate protocols have been drawn up for the audience, the musicians, the production staff, and the office staff.


In the course of our festival we apply all the necessary COVID-measures, in order to keep the festival’s audience, artists, hosts and collaborators safe and prevent situations of risk.
Hence, we kindly invite you to apply all general and specific guidelines mentioned and follow instructions of festival hosts and collaborators.

General measures

  1. DISTANCE: Keep enough distance of each other. In Italy the minimum distance is set at 1m.
  2. LIMITED CONTACT BUBBLE: Keep the number of people you meet up with, beyond your household, limited.
  3. MASKS: In public crowded areas, in places were distancing is difficult or in closed spaces, please always use a mask that covers nose, mouth and chin.
  4. DESINFECTION: Use the provided hand sanitation when entering a building or when advised.
  5. FEELING ILL or SHOWING SYMPTOMS: Please stay home.


Before the festival

  • Familiarize yourself with all the guidelines.
  • Always bring a face mask to the festival events.


Arrival at the concert venue

  • Don’t arrive too early before the concert, to avoid gathering of larger crowds.
  • While waiting, stay in your personal contact bubble and keep your distance from other groups.
  • We advise to keep face masks on while waiting.


Entering the venue and during the concert

  • Depending on the concert location, two entrances will be used.
  • Before entering the premises, you will be asked to disinfect your hands with the necessary equipment.
  • Your temperature will be measured by one our hosts, if the thermometer shows a temperature over 37,5 °C, we are not allowed to let you attend the concert.
  • Please follow the circulations paths marked out at the concert location, to avoid coming too close in contact with each other.
  • Seating: the seating scheme in the venue is divided into double and single seats, spreaded out in the room. We will guide you towards a double or single seat, but in this year’s edition we can’t allow the audience choosing seats according to personal preferences.
  • It is necessary to keep your face mask on during the concert.


End of the concert and exiting the venue

  • At the end of the concert, the audience will be guided out of the church. During this process we ask you to follow the instructions and the marked-out circulation paths. People closest to the doors will exit first, people in the back of the hall will exit last.
  • Take the paper program on your chairs with you and dispose of it at home.
  • Once outside, stay in your personal contact bubble and keep your distance from other groups. Don’t linger around too much, to avoid gathering of larger crowds.


Participation at any catering activity of the festival

  • Contrary to previous editions, catering activities will be organized with regard to the rules of distancing.
  • Each location will organize itself accordingly to maintain the necessary safety measures.
  • Please follow all the instructions regarding distancing, disinfection and contact bubbles.